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Okay, now it's just funny. With love from NotNet and friends.

DeezShade is a continuation of GeezShade, in C#. It allows you to download GShade shaders and presets while using them with ReShade.

Warning: This might break or be dangerous, and I don't always have time to fix it. Marot can and has done arbitrary things through DeezShade like performing a PC shutdown. Consider following this guide for manual installation steps.



GeezShade broke with the release of GShade 4.1.1, password protecting the assets behind a probably-not-legally-binding EULA as the password, stating that those who use it are accessing it through the GShade installer. This means they'd probably DMCA me if I included the password in my codebase, Base64'd or not.

So I came up with a solution. There is absolutely zero traces of the GShade password in this codebase.


They must've forgot that the GShade installer is written in C# and easily reflectable, allowing us to run the GShade installer code, within the GShade installer, without tampering it. Oops!